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As locals, we believe our patients should be treated like family. We take pride in listening to each concern. We stay up to date with modern dentistry and have over 4,000 hours of continued education and over 30 years of dental experience combined. We strive to give you a smile that can change your life and will last a lifetime. Book your consultation and experience our gentle thorough, high quality patient care.

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Affordable Dental Implant Options For Every Smile

Replace A Single Tooth

Single dental implants are the perfect solution to replace a previously extracted tooth or tooth damaged by decay or trauma. Enhance your appearance and protect your smile from harmful effects of missing teeth.

single dental implant

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants, All-on-6, or mini-dental implants are a great option for full upper or lower smile restoration. Often they can be placed without the need for extensive bone grafting and are an excellent tooth replacement alternative to dentures.

all on four dental implants

Replace Multiple Teeth

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with implant bridges or multiple dental implants. Implants are more comfortable, perform better, and last longer than traditional partial dentures or bridges.

replace multiple teeth

Implant Supported Dentures

Stabilized dentures may be the right option if you are struggling with uncomfortable, painful, or ill-fitting dentures. Implant dentures provide more support and strength. They can snap-in or be permanent dentures. In some cases your existing denture may be able to be modified to be supported by implants.

replace dentures with permanent dentures

Multiple Dental Offices In The New Orleans Area To Serve Your Dental Implant Needs 

Metairie, LA

3939 N Causway Blvd,  
Suite  104
Metairie, Louisiana  70002

Ponchatoula, LA

1160 Highway 51 North
Ponchatoula, Louisiana  70454

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